Why Earn a Credential

We have had a grant in Kent County to support a group of Afterschool professionals in earning their MiSAYD (Michigan School Age Youth Development) Credential. It has been such an encouragement to me to work with Afterschool professionals who are dedicated to youth development, take pride in the quality work they do and value a process of self assessment and improvement. Here are testimonials from two of our MiSAYD Credentialed Youth Workers…

“I was kindly encouraged by my prior employer and the ELO Network to look into strengthening my résumé for State of Michigan standards. I invested much of my time meeting with a small group and learned there are other professionals sharing the same interest to make programming better for youths and families. I experienced professional guidance from ELO staff and skills from attending this credential support program. When I look back, I know that I made a good choice for job security and quality programming for youths in our community. Upon finishing my credential, my worksite lost funding and I was fortunate that a new organization took interest in my résumé and experience with my finished credential.”

“I decided to earn the MiSAYD credential because I tell my students daily, "Leaders lead by ACTION". Less talk - just set a goal, stay focused and stick with it. It was very challenging. I took my own advice and surprised myself.”

I see the Credential as a stepping stone to do greater things for the students and agency I serve.We have asked people why they would want to earn a credential. They said, 

  • “to demonstrate pride in my work”
  • “to show people that I think afterschool work is an important profession”
  • “I keep on learning just like the youth in my program”
  • “I wanted a credential that is specific to what I do in after school”

For information about how you could earn the MiSAYD Credential, visit www.misayd.org.