Committed To Quality Recognition Certificate

Is your program committed to quality? MASP would like to annually recognize programs that have made a commitment to ensuring quality experiences to children and youth in Michigan.

What is a MASP Committed to Quality Recognition Certificate?
Committed to Quality Recognition Certificates are awarded annually to after-school programs that testify in writing that they follow a set of practices that are consistent with the Michigan Out-of-School Time Standards of Quality (MOST) which were adopted by the Michigan State Board of Education in March 2013 and endorsed by the Michigan After-School Partnership and the Michigan AfterSchool Association.

A Committed to Quality Recognition Certificate is awarded to programs willing to guarantee that they not only acknowledge and are familiar with the MOST Standards of Quality, but that they continually strive to make quality improvements in their programs.

Why should we participate?
Some potential benefits to completing the process and making the commitment to quality:

  • Educate staff and board members on the criteria that the field acknowledges make a high-quality program. This information can also be used in strategic planning.
  • Useful as a tool in staff/program evaluation to identify areas needing improvement and in developing a plan to address areas of concern or additional training.
  • Serves as a motivator for staff and to help set goals for staff team building.
  • When displayed prominently and publicized, can serve as a reminder to staff, parents and the community about your commitment to quality.

How can we receive a MASP Committed to Quality Recognition Certificate?
Use the Self-Assessment Checklist to conduct a self-evaluation for your after-school program. The document was developed as a companion to the Michigan Out-of-School Time Standards of Quality. The standards are based on research concerning quality programs for school-age children.

This document may be used as a guide to developing and evaluating out-of-school time programs for children in kindergarten through eighth grade. While not targeted for programs serving high school students, many of these standards may be applicable to these programs as well. The Model Standards indicate very high-quality. This Self-Assessment Checklist is recommended, along with other research-based assessment tools for program monitoring and self-assessment [i.e., Youth Program Quality Assessment (YPQA), Afterschool Program Assessment System (APAS), Quality Assurance System (QAS)]. We suggest that you document and gather evidence to substantiate your evaluation and create a plan to address areas that need more attention. The Self-Assessment Checklist can be completed in a variety of ways. It is recommended that programs use a team approach when conducting the self-assessment. Greater strides will be made when all involved parties contribute to the process and help shape a program’s goals. You can do an administrative assessment, or form an evaluation committee comprised of parents, staff and board members. Please evaluate the current practices of your program. We recommend an annual assessment and commitment.

How do we submit our application for a MASP Committed to Quality Certificate?