Our Vision

All Michigan children and youth will have the opportunity to participate in high-quality, after-school programs that support their success through social, cultural, physical, and intellectual development.

The Michigan After-School Partnership (MASP) is a statewide network developing a shared vision and influencing others to believe in the power of after-school programs to help all children and youth succeed. MASP links stakeholders interested in improving outcomes for children and youth through school-based/school-linked and enrichment after-school programs. MASP stakeholders include:

  • policy-makers
  • educators
  • child care providers
  • youth development workers
  • program developers
  • advocates
  • parents and others

Our Mission

The Michigan After-School Partnership provides statewide leadership to build and sustain high quality, after-school programs for children and youth in all communities throughout the state.

Our Goals

MASP adopted the following comprehensive long-term goals:

  1. Create a sustainable structure of statewide, regional and local partnerships, focused on supporting policy development at all levels.

  2. Support the development and growth of statewide policies that will secure the resources needed to sustain new and existing after-school programs.
  3. Support statewide systems to ensure quality of programs.